3 ways to help soundproof your home music studio

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Are you an artist who loves making music from the comfort of your home? Because of the advances in music and recording technology, you can enjoy the luxury of creating impactful melodies and expressing yourself in a home music studio. However, making music at home without disrupting the neighbors can prove a challenging task. Here are three ways you can soundproof your studio for uninterrupted song recording:

Green Glue products

Green Glue’s noise proofing formulas do a good job of dulling the sound that passes between the walls of your home. You can add their noise proofing compound to the layers of building material during house construction, or you can use their noise proofing sealant to close the gaps between your walls and the floor or ceiling.

Soundproof drywall

If you like, you can add soundproof material directly to your walls. Companies such as QuietRock sell drywall panels made from multiple components that form a sturdy, sound-cancelling product. These panels are effective at blocking out sound and relatively easy to install on your own.

Acoustic foam

Acoustic foam refers to sound-cancelling sheets of foam cut into designs such as wedges, pyramids, or an eggcrate pattern. These sheets of foam help dampen sound waves they come into contact with and can also increase the quality of sound in the room they are in. This is useful for recordings and songwriting sessions.

The Foam Factory sells several varieties of acoustic foam that will look great and work effectively in any music studio. Contact them today for more details.