Gospel Music

Like country music, jazz never go out of style. Its classic fusion of waltz and the 2000’s music makes it hard for people to identify which is a jazz music and which is not. Although in the later discussions and attempts to define this genre of music, it has been agreed that jazz is also defined as swing. The beauty of this music is that people can just improvise their own dance steps, provided that they waltz with the time so they get to have right timing. Jazz music is played in any party.

Although not a party music, gospel songs play a big role in the music industry as many people, especially Christians identify themselves to gospel music. It is unsurprising that this music is popular among many as Christians who are in search for peace of mind and heart, find solace with gospel music. The common themes for this type of music would include worship, penitence, praise, and lament, which form extensively across the earth.

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