Listening to Streaming Music Services

19Written by Costbuys

Spotify and Apple Music are battling it out for the streaming music market. Apple Music is only a recent entrant but has already amassed around 16 million subscribers. Spotify, on the other hand, has been around and is well ahead at 40 million subscribers. The question is, what are the best ways to listen to these streaming music services? Here are a few different methods of streaming:


The most obvious way is on the smartphone, listening with headphones. The music can also be sent to a Bluetooth speaker for more public functions. Apple Music, Spotify, and all other streaming services have apps on iOS and Android.


Sonos has built-in support for Spotify and Apple Music. With either service, you can now stream music to different parts of your house. It even supports different songs for different areas. Apple Music support took some time to come but arrived in time for Christmas. The Sonos app can be used to control the playback and is on iOS and Android.

Wireless speakers

The Google Cast standard has been built into some new speakers. Most of these wireless speakers come with all available audio streaming standards. Some have Spotify support built-in, others have Airplay etc. There will be many shopping deals for wireless speakers this holiday season.

Chromecast Audio

Based on the same Google Cast standard, the Chromecast Audio dongle enables streaming connectivity for any speaker that can take an input. The unfortunate part here is that Apple Music does not support it and it does not look it will ever do so. Spotify was a launch partner for Chromecast Audio.

When you go online buy only the setup that supports your streaming service.


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